Are Dermal Fillers Injections Worth a Try?

One of the problems of girls nowadays is getting old. As we browse some social media websites, we can see different stunning celebrities who don’t seem to age at all. And it makes us think if how does this even happen at all? And here we are, looking in front of the mirror, witnessing how fast we age. We can see that we are starting to get wrinkles and our laugh lines are starting to deepen.

Worry no more because Derma Fillers are for everyone. We can now achieve the non-aging celebrity look that we always wanted. And the good thing about this is that it lasts for up to two years. Right now you might still be thinking if it is worth a try or not. But after reading this article I know you can decide. Also for additional insights, read amazing dermal fillers injections clinic to get know details.


Normally, we think that Dermal Fillers are only for those people who have wrinkles or those who have aged. But basically, that is wrong. Dermal Fillers are for everyone because it can also be used as prevention. Some people may use it to remove the lines that they already have. However, in these past years, researchers noticed that there had been an increase with the number of people below 30 who are getting Dermal Fillers. Of course, those who have undergone the injection of Dermal Fillers age differently and according to dermatologists “prevention is always better than correction”. But I also want to remind you that there are other options to slow aging such as sunscreen.


There are a lot of kinds of fillers. A decade ago, collagen used as a Dermal Filler is the most popular. But right now most of the dermatologists are using hyaluronic acid as the base for Dermal Fillers. Although hyaluronic acid is the most used Dermal Fillers, there would still be a difference depending on the particle sizes injected into our skin. There are larger particle sizes called the Restylane Lyft, and we have those with smaller particle sizes called Restylane Silk.

Restylane Lyft is often used for rebuilding our thinned cheekbones. Restylane Silk, on the other hand, works best if it is used to plump our lips or to reduce the fine lines. I suggest that before choosing your kind of Derma Filler, you should have a good talk with your dermatologists so that you can relay what you, want and the dermatologist can also explain everything that you need to know in undergoing this kind of treatment.


Sometimes we can’t prevent unfortunate events and it may come to a point wherein you were able to get a bad filler. What I meant is that sometimes you may not be contented or satisfied with the outcome that you get, especially if it is your first time and you don’t know much about Derma Fillers yet. But you don’t have to panic because most of the time it can be adjusted, depending on the case. But usually, it can be adjusted. The wonderful thing about hyaluronic acid is that we can inject an enzyme that can totally dissolve it. So your dermatologist can either inject more hyaluronic acid to create a balance or inject an enzyme to dissolve the Derma Filler injected into your skin. You get to choose because after all, it is your face.

So those are the few things that will help you decide whether to get a Derma Filler or not. But generally, I suggest that if you want to stay young and beautiful, then give it a go.